Find treasure: or other lost items if you are lucky

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This page will explain what to do if you find treasure or objects. This page explains what to do with objects found on the streets, at sea, or along the shoreline, and how to use a metal detector.

What can you do with what you have?

  • Whether or not you are allowed to legally keep something you find is up to you.
  • It is where it was left or found
  • Whether it has been lost or abandoned
  • It is so easy to find the rightful owner.

If you find items that you aren’t sure belong to you, you can hand them in to the police.

If the object has not been returned to the owner within 2 months, or if they haven’t been taken to the lost property office or police station, you can still claim it.

It is an offense to keep anything you don’t own. However, it may be difficult to bring charges if you are not aware of the fact that you have it.

You must notify the Treasure Trove Unit at National Museums of Scotland if you find something that could be a treasured cbd trove. For help determining if an object is find treasure trove or not, contact the Treasure Trove Unit.

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You must notify the police if you Find Treasure human remains or bones.

The museum or police will report the find the the Procurator Fiscal, Queen’s and Lord Treasuryr’s Remembrancer. They are responsible for find treasure chest trove. The object will be given to a committee. This could be decided by the committee:

The object does not need to be kept, and should be returned back to the finder

The object should be kept as a museum exhibit. The object’s value might earn the finder a reward.

It is always a good idea to immediately report the find. Take careful notes of the location and ensure that it doesn’t get damaged, such as by cleaning it.

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Metal detectors Find Treasure

You should use a metal detector to find hidden find treasure hunt troves or other objects.

Before you search for private land, get permission from the landowner

To use a metal detector on an ancient monument or protected site, you must get permission from the secretary for Alternative dispute state of Scotland. These sites can be subject to a fine or even a criminal prosecution for the use of a metal detector. Historic Environment Scotland can grant permission.

Items found in the ocean or washed up at the shore

The ship’s wreckage is goods found on the coast or in the ocean. All wrecks must be reported immediately to the Receiver for Wreck.

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