What is Georgia’s method of settling car accidents?

A settlement is an agreement between two parties to resolve their dispute for a set amount of money. The parties can then conclude the case and begin their lives. It is not a good idea …

A settlement is an agreement between two parties to resolve their dispute for a set amount of money. The parties can then conclude the case and begin their lives.

It is not a good idea to spend hours fighting over a car accident case and then losing the case in the courtroom. The majority of disputes can be settled without the need to employ an attorney. Settlement is an informal settlement of the case to reach a mutually acceptable solution. This allows both parties to put an end to their ongoing legal battle.

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Settlement conferences are not mandatory statewide in Georgia. Imagine having unexpected bills due to the car accident you were involved in. A Athens lawyer for car accidents will assist you in obtaining compensation for personal and financial expenses.

Georgia is a state that has standard accident compensation policy, which we’ll discuss in greater detail.

What is the regular settlement for a car accident in Georgia?

This is a difficult issue because each situation’s damage differs.

To come to an agreement, the parties and their lawyers must consider the following aspects.

The policy limits aren’t an attempt to limit the responsibility of insurance companies.

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Future and past medical expenses
  • Agony and suffering
  • Loss of earnings because of time taken off from work
  • Costs of rehabilitation
  • Disabilities
  • Disfigurement and scarring

What’s the process for an agreement for car accident settlements?

It is not easy to reach a settlement after an accident. Follow these steps to secure more favorable settlements.

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Contact an attorney

First, you need to seek legal counsel for car accidents. Then begin working for your benefit, which includes the request for a copy of your accident report, contacting adjusters, and seeking medical attention if you do not have one already.

Claim and insurance

Your lawyer promptly informed the potential insurance companies as well as people that you had a personal injury lawsuit. To determine how much insurance money is needed to pay your claim, they start collecting the information regarding insurance, including coverage amounts. This is an essential step. Attorneys are the ideal people to help you stack policies and make your insurance more affordable. Attorneys can also help you locate medical insurance that can pay for medical costs.


The firm starts collecting all the relevant evidence regarding your claim once you have appointed your attorney. This could include:

  • The accident report and other police papers
  • Photographs of the car damage
  • Medical documents and bills
  • Begin to record your lost wages.

Medical Attention

The firm will be closely monitoring your medical treatment and injuries. They will also keep track of your progress each week. They will also make sure that you’ve got all the necessary documentation to prove your medical records properly For example, injuries as well as pain and suffering. Do not worry about having no insurance or having trouble paying your medical bills. Your lawyer will work with your physician to discuss the treatment you require.

Signing and preparing the Settlement Pack

Your attorney will begin making your compensation package once you have finished your medical treatment. They contact each physician or other organization to confirm the amount of money owed or any bill. Then, prepare a detailed settlement letter to the adjuster outlining your claim as well as additional documentation. After they have verified all the figures then the adjuster will send the settlement document.


Insurance adjusters often assess the settlement and present their first offer in 20-30 days. Negotiations can be swift once they get their initial offer. The firm usually receives the most favorable price from the insurance carrier promptly. Following each request, your attorney will call you to discuss the request and what your counter-offer should be. Every counter-offer must be approved by you.

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Lawsuit vs. Settlement

Once your attorney has obtained the best price from the insurance company You will receive the proposed settlement documents. These documents will explain the most advantageous offer from the adjuster and break down the settlement into how you’ll get it. It is your responsibility to sign and return the Release in case you agree to the settlement offer. The adjuster will send the cheque to you that your attorney will put into your trust account and allow it to clear.

Any person who has harmed you or any government agency or private organization that could be entitled to reimbursement after it clears and is able to pay. Your lawyer will bargain with each party to reduce the amount that you have to pay. If you reject the most favorable deal from an insurance company. The whole legal process could last for a whole year.