Take Notes after an Injury or Accident

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It is crucial that you do all you can to ensure you get fair compensation for any accident. You can start by writing down everything you remember about the accident. This includes details about your injuries and how they affected your daily life.

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These notes are very helpful two, six, or ten month later when you create a demand letter for an insurance company or when you file a personal injury case. It is easier to keep track of details and the events that occurred than counting on your memories.

Keep track of everything that might affect your case and keep it with you throughout the personal injury claim process. Write down any time you recall something that you didn’t know before, such as when you are falling asleep, while you eat a piece of pastry, or other situations. These are the things you should take notes about.

Please describe the accident

Once you feel your head is clear, start to write down all details about the accident. This includes where you were, what you were doing, who you were with, when it happened and the weather. You should include everything you experienced, heard, and felt immediately before, during and after the accident. You can also include any comments you recall hearing someone (either a witness or an accident participant) about the accident.

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Please describe your injuries and their effects on you

Keep a daily record of any pains or discomfort you feel in the days immediately following an accident. There are many things that can cause pain and discomfort. You may forget to take specific notes of these issues if you don’t immediately make a note. This could lead to you not being able to remember what you need to include in your settlement request weeks or months later. Noting down your thoughts will help you later describe to insurance companies how much pain you experienced and the extent of discomfort. Learn more about pain and suffering in a case involving personal injury.

In addition, writing down your different injuries may help your doctor diagnose you. Although a small bump or crinkle in the neck might not seem important, it may help the doctor and the adjuster to understand why you have bad back pain several weeks later. You can also tell your doctor or another medical provider all your injuries. This will help later to prove that the accident caused them. Find out what to do if your accident injuries don’t appear right away.

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Please describe your economic losses and other effects of the accident

You might be eligible for compensation for economic losses, missed events, and pain and suffering. You will need to have good documentation. Start taking notes right away after an accident. These include your lost work hours, job opportunities and meetings, as well as any other events or activities that would benefit you.

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Summarize Conversations with Insurers, Witnesses and Other

Keep a record of all conversations about your accident and your claim. You should also note telephone or in-person conversations with witnesses, adjusters, medical personnel, and other representatives of insurance.


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