The Ten Reasons to Hire an experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

THE TYPE OF INJURY PERSINAL INJURY LAWYER There are various time limitations that are in place for different kinds of personal injuries cases. Personal Injury Lawyer For instance, accidents involving product liability or wrongful death, …


There are various time limitations that are in place for different kinds of personal injuries cases. Personal Injury Lawyer For instance, accidents involving product liability or wrongful death, for instance are subject to specific rules.


Based on the laws of the state and the type of incident, the deadline for filing a lawsuit against a minor injured does not start until the victim reaches 18. On the other hand medical malpractice can be subject to a shorter deadline in the event of a minor being involved.


Persons filing an action against an federal, state or local government agency or an employee or affiliate has to notify the government agency that charges are being brought (the notice of claim) within 60 days of the injury.


Personal injury lawsuits are confined in time for filing charges. This applies to most cases. Also, in the case of the “discovery-of-harm” rule the statute commences at the point that the injured party is (or is reasonably) aware about the injuries and their causes.


There are a variety of aspects that influence the level of liability a defendant holds for a plaintiff’s injury.

  • Strict liability According to the legal doctrine of strict liability a defendant can be held responsible for damages caused by his negligence or actions, regardless of whether the incident or injury was his “fault”.
  • The background, education, and experience of the accused. For example, in an emergency situation, a doctor who gives first aid could be held accountable for a higher level of care than a layperson doing the same thing.
  • It’s not clear if the defendant is solely responsible for the injuries. Comparative negligence is applicable in situations when more than one person (including the victim) is responsible for causing injury. Each party may be held partially accountable.
  • If the defendant was directly responsible for the incident. If a defendant is the injury’s proximate causal trigger (his actions directly caused the injury) and he is the direct cause, he may be held responsible. But, if he was the intervening cause (his act set off a chain of events that ultimately led to injury) the defendant can be dismissed from responsibility.
  • The place of the accident as well as the the circumstances. The location and the manner in which the incident occurred, products premises, premises, and alcohol liability, slip-and-fall, dog bite, and medical malpractice injury, and other laws may affect a defendant’s liability.


The extent of the injuries sustained by the victim as well as the circumstances of the incident and the outcome of the trial will determine the kind and amount of damages granted. The victim should try to minimize the injuries and may seek economic compensation. In certain cases, punitive damages may be available.

Losses in money, including:

  • Future medical costs
  • Cash value at present (current value for future earnings)
  • Unemployment
  • Medical costs
  • Household services are the cost of hiring someone else to take care of the home of the plaintiff throughout the process of recovering.

Mental and physical discomforts, such as:

  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium (loss of the advantages of a partnership as a result of an injury or accident)
  • A lack of enjoyment in life
  • Suffering and pain
  • Permanent disability
  • Disfigurement


Personal injury cases can be resolved in the form of a lawsuit, or more often an informal settlement that is a settlement between defendants and plaintiffs. The settlement will be made once the settlement or verdict has been reached. Typically, minor or moderate injuries are compensated with a lump sum payment and more serious injuries are usually settled with an agreed settlement.


Structured settlements have several benefits over lump sums, including:

  • Income tax-free. Structured settlements are usually in the form annuities, or U.S. Treasure Securities, which are tax-free on a federal or state level.
  • Long-term payments. The injured person receives income for many years or a lifetime.
  • Flexibility. Often the injured can schedule the payments to best suit his or her requirements.


Personal injury covers many practice areas. An attorney with experience in particular areas of law relating to personal injuries can increase your chances of getting a favorable award.


Personal injury cases are dominated by dog bites and other animal attacks. Depending on the state you live in and the circumstances of the incident, you could be entitled to significant damages for any injuries you suffered.


The number of auto accidents occurring on U.S. roads is increasing with the increase in automobiles. Accidents involving motor vehicles can result in injuries and property damage, and those who are hurt may be entitled to compensation. It is essential to speak with a lawyer if you or someone you love has been injured as a result of:

  • Car accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Truck accident
  • Pedestrian accident
  • Bike accident
  • Accident involving personal watercraft


Accidents in mass transit can result in serious injuries, or death to the passengers who are involved. Personal injury lawsuits involving mass transit could be filed as class action lawsuits or individual cases.

  • Bus accidents
  • Train accidents
  • Aviation accidents


If an individual suffers injuries on the property of another, a case for premises liability can be filed. Slip and fall injuries are the most frequent type of premises liability. These cases involve people who slip on slippery floors, dangerous stairways or sidewalks that are uneven.


Although the words “slip-and-fall” may bring to mind a wet floor, this phrase is actually a broad term that covers all types of premises liability lawsuits. When poorly maintained grounds or structures, items that are not properly stacked, or other unmarked hazards lead to injury, the party accountable for the property can be held accountable to the person injured.


If a manufacturer, designer wholesaler, distributor, or retailer sells goods to customers, it’s their responsibility to ensure that the product is safe for use by the public. Unfortunately, many defective products are sold on the market. If you or someone you care about has been hurt due to product liability, you should consult an attorney.

  • Auto defects
  • Dangerous drugs
  • Medical products that are defective


The companies that make prescription drugs must conduct rigorous testing to ensure that the products they sell are not only effective but as well reasonably safe. Consumers can sue a drug company if they fail to thoroughly test their drug or fail to inform customers of any potential side effects.


Injuries and deaths in the workplace occur when working in hazardous jobs such as the truck driving, construction mining, shipyard and oil industry. Motion injuries from repetitive motion can be a problem for those working in corporate settings. Families of victims who suffer from work-related injuries, or who have lost their jobs may be entitled to compensation. This can include medical expenses and personal expenses.


Medical malpractice is any mistake made by a doctor, nurse, or another medical professional that causes injuries to the person or death. It could be due to carelessness by the doctor, medical staff or nurses. Examples of medical malpractice cases include birth injuries and nursing home negligence lawsuits.


Asbestos is a mineral that is fibrous which became a well-known product in the construction industry due to its durability, heat resistance, and chemical inertness. Asbestos fibers are dangerous if inhaled. Exposure to asbestos fibers was linked to certain types of cancer and the use of asbestos was banned in the 1970s. Since then, asbestosis and mesothelioma are both linked to exposure to asbestos.


If a dangerous product or a catastrophic event harms or kills a number of victims, the possibility of a class action lawsuit could be filed. Instead of every victim filing a separate lawsuit, a single case can be filed and represented either through an attorney or a law firm. In the hope of obtaining restitution for all victims, the suit will be brought against any responsible individual or entity.

You may have a lot of concerns about handling the aftermath of an accident. What should you do if your injuries result in an individual being filed for a lawsuit? What are the best ways to go about the procedure? If you do not have the proper guidance, it will be difficult to make sound choices, and you could simply wind up taking no actions whatsoever. For this reason, it is crucial to find a reputable personal injury attorney.

A conversation with an attorney for personal injuries does not require legal actions. A conversation with an experienced lawyer will help you determine which is the most appropriate course of action regardless of whether you ultimately file suit.

Here are the top ten reasons you might want to consider hiring the services of a personal-injury lawyer.

#1 – There is no risk

In general Personal injury lawyer only get paid when you are successful in your case. If that’s the case, you do not need to fret about the mounting legal costs only to lose your case at the end. Before you sign on to an attorney, make sure that they are available to be able to work on a contingent fee basis.

#2 – Experience

If you aren’t a lawyer, you simply do not have the knowledge that is possessed by an attorney for personal injuries. While it’s tempting to attempt to save money by representing yourself in a case of injury it is not a wise decision. To greatly increase your chances of winning you must seek the advice of professionals.

#3 – An Outside View

You cannot objectively look at your situation. There is a chance that you are still experiencing pain and might be holding some negative feelings toward the people who you think are responsible. Lawyers are not restricted by the emotions of their clients You can trust them to provide an impartial opinion on the case.

#4 – In Case of Trial

If your case ends into the courtroom, you’ll require a professional attorney on your side. The courtroom isn’t a place for rookies, so make sure an experienced personal injury lawyer is on your team as you step into the courtroom.

#5 – Settlement Options

Lawyers who are specialized in injury cases are skilled in negotiating settlements. If there is a possibility of settling the case, they will gladly negotiate it for you. All parties will want to avoid going to trial. Your lawyer might be able to negotiate an agreement that is acceptable for all.

#6 – Support staff

Lawyers can’t be able to work by themselves. Usually, they have an entire team supporting them in research, interviews and other tasks. A talented support team and a skilled lawyer can help make your case more effective.

#7 – Legal Speak

Legal documents is a bit confusing for people who do not have a formal education in law. Your personal injury lawyer will be able to make sense of court documents.

#8 – Experience in the System

The first step is to determine whether a lawsuit is required. Your lawyer can offer an opinion that is based on their experience in the field. There is no sense taking up a lawsuit that has zero chance of winning and therefore, you should seek an honest and objective opinion prior to proceeding.

#9 – Dealing with Insurance Companies

Do you want to work with insurance companies while they settle your claims? It’s unlikely. Turn that job over to a personal injury attorney who has years of experience in the field.

#10 Peace of Mind – Peace of Mind

A serious accident can be an event that can change your life forever and your head is likely to be going around since the time it took place. You will feel calmer when you partner with a reputable personal injury attorney.

What should you do following a slip and fall accident?

Accidents are inevitable and they can take place anywhere at any time. Accidents involving slips and falls are an excellent example. The injuries from slip and falls can seem minor however they can have long-lasting financial and physical consequences. It is enormously essential to consider them serious and approach a personal injury lawyer in the event of an accident involving a slip and fall.

You are liable for any slip or trip that occurs on private or public property. You may be able to bring a case if negligence was the cause of the accident. Contact a personal injury attorney to determine if you are entitled to the right to claim compensation. A skilled personal injury lawyer will examine your case and determine if you are entitled to compensation. The lawyer will examine the case to determine if negligence caused it. This will be proven through the courtroom by the attorney. You could provide them with all the details regarding the accident, and he they will inform you if you have the case or not. If it’s determined that negligence was the primary reason for the accident, then you can ensue with your case and claim the settlement for your injuries.

It is possible that the insurance company of the other party calls you and offers an agreement. Before signing any paperwork it is crucial to know your rights. A personal injury lawyer must be contacted for a consultation. In most cases, personal injury lawyer give free consultation without any commitment. Contact an attorney for personal injuries and learn what your rights are. A free consultation can assist you in understanding your rights and provide you with a better idea of the compensation that you ought to have. There’s nothing to lose, therefore you should seek legal advice of a knowledgeable lawyer prior to making any decisions.

You might be offered compensation by an insurance company that is insufficient. They may attempt to give you the least amount of money. You must be aware that certain injuries from accidents could have a longer term effect on the way you live. In certain instances, the injuries may recur later. The injuries could have a more long-term impact on your financial as well as physical health. Personal injury attorneys are specialized experts who have assisted numerous people suffering from similar situations. They have the knowledge of the effects of these injuries on the lives of victims. They are also familiar with the law governing personal injuries, which safeguards the victims of slip and fall accidents. They are aware of an appropriate amount of compensation you are entitled to receive after suffering injuries as a result of slip and fall.

If you are involved in the midst of a slip and fall incident it is essential to speak with a qualified lawyer who is skilled in slip and fall accidents. You must ensure that you have a solid understanding of all aspects of personal injury law when searching for a lawyer. It is also essential to ensure that the lawyer has significant experience in representing people who have fallen and slipped. A consultation with an attorney for personal injuries will aid in determining your rights, and it will help to make a choice whether you should take the settlement offer given by the insurance company or you need to file a claim in the court system to obtain the compensation you are entitled to have.

Personal Injury Q&A the Most Common Questions and the Answers

What should I do if been injured?

You can make claims against the individual or company that caused your injury and their insurance company. You’ll need to be in a position to document your injuries through lost wage information, medical records as well as medical bills. It is essential to make an honest attempt to heal from your injuries.

Do I need a lawyer?

When you have been injured and another party is at fault the insurance company of that person has one objective: to pay you the least amount they can. The insurance company will assist you with investigators as well as adjusters and lawyers who all collaborate to reduce your losses. A skilled personal injury attorney will defend your rights and assist you receive fair compensation for your injuries.

What can I expect of my lawyer?

Your lawyer will sit down with you to discuss what happened, then will thoroughly investigate your claim. The following will be examined:

  • Police reports
  • The medical profession has reported on reports
  • Witness statements
  • Examine all applicable laws

What time do I have to make an claim?

Personal injury claims can only be made within a specified time period. In Texas the statute of limitations runs for two years from the time you are injured.

What is a contingent agreement?

Patterson Law Group is one example of a personal injury lawyer that receives an hourly fee contingent on. This means that even if the claim is unsuccessful the firm will not owe any legal fees. Your lawyer is paid by keeping a percentage of the total amount that the court awards.

What’s my claim worth?

It’s not easy to know the value of your claim when you first open the case. You might need a few months to completely recover from your injuries. The total cost of medical bills have to be determined and also the extent to which your earnings were diminished due to the injuries. It will take some time to decide the extent to which your injuries are likely to improve.

What do I have the right to claim?

There are a variety of damages that you might have the right to. These are:

  • Medical expense reimbursement and future medical costs
  • Lost Local Workerd
  • Future earnings loss
  • Two of the most difficult things in this world are suffering and pain

What happens when my case is settled?

There is no way to know how long it will take your case to settle. Some cases are settled in just a few months, while other cases take years to settle. Each case is unique.

What is the reason my case needs to go to litigation?

If you’re taken to trial by an insurance company, they could consider that either you or your attorney have asked for excessive amounts of sum of money. They may also conclude that you or your lawyer aren’t at fault. If they don’t think you’re injured or aren’t as severely injured as you claim, a lawsuit could be necessary.

Where can I receive assistance with a personal injury case?

Patterson Law Group is here to help if you’ve been the victim in an unfortunate accident. Contact us now by filling out the contact form on this page and one of our attorneys will be in touch to listen to your story. We don’t charge you unless you are successful.

  • Strategies to Help You Win Your Personal Injury Case
  • Make sure you are transparent with your lawyer

Present all the facts before your attorney. Do not hide any information, even if they aren’t relevant or distracting.

Your lawyer will determine what information is important and not relevant to your situation. This includes medical preexisting ailments. Only by having all the necessary information can your legal team do the job correctly.

Keep the information about your case to yourself

Do not discuss the incident until after you have hired a lawyer who can help you in the right direction.

You could lose your cash if you make a rash comment off the cuff. The worst thing you could do is to ruin your case due to a stray remarks.

Do not talk to insurance Providers

Don’t make any commitments to insurance companies. Many insurance companies manipulate people and try to push them into a corner , or make them say anything that is detrimental to their case in court. Let your lawyer provide you with the right legal guidance.

Ask yourself if you are ready for a legal battle

Do you have the money to file a lawsuit? Do you have time to do this? A lot of people do not ask these questions before making a legal move. If you think it will be too much for you to manage It’s okay to walk away.

Avoid Pie-in-the-Sky attorneys

Beware of lawyers who will promise you millions of dollars in compensation without ever hearing your case.

While loud and flashy lawyers are impressive in their words but this doesn’t always translate into a skillful performance in the negotiation room or in courtroom.

Do your Homework

Research cases similar to those you are planning to file and examine how they were either won or lost. This can give you an understanding of what to expectand will help you determine if you’ve got a quality claim or not.

Be sure to restrict your searches to those filed within the past five years, since they’re the most relevant.

Consider enlisting the help of a medical professional.

Your doctor should be with you. If the doctor who examined you says that the injury was not related to the incident then you’ll have an issue that is serious.

Doctors are looked upon as expert witnesses and their testimony can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful case. If you want your doctor’s testimony to be considered in court, it’s crucial that they’re trustworthy and have a good reputation.

Record every item of evidence you have in your case

Record everything using a camera and written documents. The best foundation for any legal proceeding is evidence of high-quality. Collect anything and everything that is relevant and present the evidence to your lawyer.

Be Careful Not to Overstate Your Case When presenting your case

Avoid exaggeration when discussing your case with anyone. A lot of people can’t resist the urge to talk about ongoing legal proceedings, and sometimes details get overemphasized.

  • Again, this can be misused by the other party and used against you.
  • You and Your Attorney Are a Team

Do not fight with or attempt to upstage your lawyer, especially in front of other people. Discuss with your lawyer privately regarding any disagreements or issues and come up with a plan of action.

  • Both attorney and client need to work in a tight partnership in order to succeed.
  • The Process is worth trusting

Be patient. Some people can be overwhelmed by civil lawsuits that require time to resolve. But the loss of patience could be detrimental to your ability to remain in a calm state.

The best way to approach this is to keep up to date with the goings-on and general strategy with your lawyer. Do not get too exuberant and make a change of thinking mid-way during negotiations.

  • This is the recipe for disaster and is a great way to prepare your case for failure.
  • Make sure you cover all bases

Discuss the figures with your attorney. Consider the possible outcomes of your case.

Be aware of all possible scenarios and come to a consensus on the length you’re willing to go in the situation.

Your Character Could be an Area of Controversy

  • You can expect to end up losing your life as the opposing side will attempt to destroy your reputation in order to win.
  • In order to prevail in a case, the parties in opposition could resort to character assassination. That means you must be in good spirits.
  • Sometimes, a Settlement is a Good Option
  • It is possible to settle your case. It will settle your case faster and allow you to put everything behind you.
  • Choose the right attorney for you
  • A good lawyer can assist you. Do not hire someone just because they’re a good acquaintance or a friend. Before making a decision be sure to research the qualifications, experience, training, as well as the firm which he is employed by.
  • Make sure you love his personality and style. It will be much easier to you and your loved ones to make an educated choice.

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